Credit: Nick's wimpy. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from May 6 – 10:

The big reveal this week was that Sami, EJ, and Will have actually become daft enough to doubt Nick’s intelligence. After fifteen years the secret room made an appearance though not nearly as much fun happened inside, and Jack Junior came home from boarding school just as Dannifer was starting to relax into coupledom. All that and yet the week was still pretty stale overall.

Scene stealer.
Best scene this year happened when Sami was chasing Bernardi across the square only it had nothing to do with either of those two. Some brunette wearing blue was dancing spastically. Such ‘unbridled enthusiasm’. She actually woke me up out of my slumber. We desperately need more of this.

Will Anne give up?
Jennifer grew a bit of a set and made a note to have my obsessed Anne get a mental health consultation. Probably for the best. Then, Dan lectured Anne for working to help Chloe break him and Her Royal Hortonness up. He even threatened to tattle on her to Mr. Burns. Afterward, not even Maxine would listen to Anne’s bitching and the cray sounded defeated. Hope not. We need vital characters with oomph on this show. She and JJ have one thing in common. Neither wants Daniel with the fair Jennifer. Maybe they’ll become allies.

“She’ll be back ten minutes ago.”
Ciara got word that Hope needed to see that important prisoner release notice so considering she’s not getting satisfaction from either parent, she weighed her options and the panda won. She hid the notice in Hope’s bookcase and frolicked at the zoo with her mum. This can’t be good. For Salem, I mean. It could be interesting for us but let’s not get our hopes up.

Rats in the walls.
It looks as though Brady and Kristen’s adoption will happen but what happens once Kristen dumps Brady? Who gets the child? Kristen’s plans to dump Brady have gotten pretty convoluted, too. First she plans on dumping him at the altar and now she’s talking about having him walk in on her having sex with his father. So which is it? Is Brady supposed to walk in on her doing his father during the ceremony?


Secret room.
Who is dumb enough to betray Stefano by selling John that funky looking key to the DiMera secret room? John must have paid off a lot of people in order to get the key and the schedules of all of the staff at the mansion. Considering he and Marlena were broke last time we heard, where did the money come from for the payoffs? Not only that but he now seems to be a mind-reader capable of knowing that Kristen, after fifteen years, would head back to the secret room on that day and that moment in time. Right. While we’ve great memories of the goings on in the secret room, and other than John nicking her pearls, it was a letdown that she didn’t just lock John in there. That’d solve her problems. Marlena’s too. It’s truly baffling.