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These were the “Days” of my week for January 12-January 16:

We started this week off watching Hilda get herself murdered. What a drag. I really enjoyed her raspy voice and humour. What bothers me about those scenes is that she was an FBI agent. She didn’t even try to disarm the killer? He only had a knife. She could have done some judo chop kick on his arse, no? She was FBI… I wasn’t impressed and found it difficult to suspend belief for those scenes. Then to top things off, Sami took off, because she really doesn’t give a rats arse about keeping safe or keeping her family safe. I’m shaking my head over that, too. And you know, based on what I saw this week, I don’t see Sami and Rafe moving towards coupledom.

Tuesday’s episode was a bit boring to me. Need a refresher? Engagement party, Victor was a nasty piece of work, which elicited a few smirks from me, but the constant denial of any attraction that Max and Chelsea were feeling was a bit over the top. Either that or perhaps it was the corny dialogue. They’re cute, but if they get any cuter, I’ll throw up. Still, I like them together.

How about that Daniel? He’s got to be the strangest character on any soap in the history of soaps. He browbeat Chloe into making out with him, during her engagement party, knowing she was trying to keep her distance from him. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not placing blame just on him, but I don’t believe she’d have done anything if he was a stand-up guy. He’s a dog, eh?! I’m grinning. It’s amusing. Chloe went ahead and visited him, under the guise of warning him to stay away from her, but we both know what she wanted. She sure got it. Was that hot, or what? In front of a fireplace and everything. Haven’t seen that type of sex in a soap since the ’80’s. Course, then, it was wasted on us kids. How do I feel about them doing the deed? I honestly don’t know what to think. I don’t have anything invested in either character. I saw a lot of name calling on the boards, just for Chloe, but I don’t get into that. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s what you do with it after, that matters. She really needs to make up her mind as to what she’s going to do about her Valentine’s Day wedding. Watch for Maggie to walk in on something… which is probably a good thing, because Chloe sure needs to open up to somebody about this. And it shouldn’t be Dr. Taylor.

What’s with this gal? Dr. Taylor hypnotized John, reviewed the tape and hid the fact that he remembered Marlena being the love of his life from him! Shame shame, Dr. T. Good thing that Brady broke into her office and emailed the file to Marlena. Are you laughing? Yeah, it’s kind of funny, how easy it all is, when they’re rushing the story to kick Jarlena out of Salem. Wait until you see what she does next! I’m happy John is remembering Marlena, though it’s happening altogether too fast for my taste. Is there a happy medium with soaps?