Strong enough to resist temptation.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday, takes readers back to when Father John Black exorcised a demon out of his beloved Dr. Marlena Evans.

Marlena continued to receive the cold shoulder from John this week. In fact, it’s been months since Marlena has felt any loving gestures from her man, but this isn’t the first time their love and faith in each other has been tested.

John wasn’t always a priest, but in 1995, Marlena desperately needed saving after she became possessed by the devil. After an arduous battle that included lots of prayer, mind games and the devil trying to tempt Father John, Marlena succumbed to her possession – or so her friends and family thought. Thinking Marlena was dead, they gathered at the church to pray for Marlena’s soul. Yet as Marlena lay in the Salem morgue, Father John Black went to see her and was surprised to discover that she hadn’t really died.

John begged the devil to take him instead and was briefly possessed himself until his faith saved him and rendered Marlena catatonic. A mysterious man then appeared to Father John and urged him to use his love for Marlena and his faith in God to save her.

John cast the devil out and saved the love of his life. Do you remember who the mysterious man was?

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– Verachan Martyr