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Deconstructing “DOOL” from April 15 – 19:

This week had Salemites doling out the advice. Vargas offered Nick advice about how desperation can screw things up, Hope suggested Marlena not stop fighting for John, and for John not to walk away from Marlena. Both Sonny and Will told Bryan to stop sniffing around Sonny, Caroline asked Sami to keep her wits about her before EJ’s proposal, but just like in the real world, only a few will take the advice. On to the blog.

The elusive envelope:
Skeevy Sy and his sleazy pal should work as Stefano’s henchman. They’re about as smart as any Stefano has ever had working for him. That envelope should have been personally delivered to Victor’s hands. Because of their stupidity, it was a concern at one point that we’d be watching as this envelope made its way from Salemite to Salemite for weeks.

Let’s track the envelope: It went from Sy’s hands to Sy’s buddy, to Kristen, on to Brady, to Victor, back to Kristen, then back to Brady, to Marlena, back to Brady, then – strangely enough, into Ciara’s little manicured paws. Very twisty!

“Dumb slob.”
Stefano thinks Brady’s a dumb slob. Shame he can’t be recruited as a sidekick. He could work alongside Ricardo. Since Bo’s been missing, the show brought in ‘RicarBo’, reminiscent of Bo in the 80s from the 80s hair and beard, right down to the leather outfit. Dig that belt buckle. I rewound the scene with him in it three times, just for laughs. Hope we see a lot of RicardBo.

Ew who knew the ‘dumb slob’ drove a tacky Ferrari? How did he get home from Victor’s after their meeting? Subway? Street car? Matt suggested maybe a Rickshaw…

Is she returning?
Nadia did a great job in her last scenes but Chloe left town in a very anti-climactic way. All this drama to prop Dannifer instead of telling what could have and should have been a touching storyline of obsession and a woman finding her way back to her former self. I’m not a fan of this style of writing. It’d have been nice to see Chloe stay and work out her issues with Marlena. There’s a lot of story left to tell.

Chuckle of the day: “Days78” says, “Their lack of chemistry is so boring that the thought of them procreating makes DNA strands unravel.”

Kate’s insecurity.
Maybe Kate never really did love Stefano. Maybe she’s finally falling in love – with Rafe and feeling insecure because she thinks it’s no strings on Rafe’s part? Pretty sure it’s not.