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“Hope could definitely move on without Bo romantically. But it would have to take something big.”

For months we have watched Hope live her life in Salem without her longtime scene partner Bo (Peter Reckell). Kristian Alfonso talks with Soaps.com about what it’s been like acting without him and what else she has been up to outside of Salem.

Soaps.com: Where would you like to see Hope go from here?

Alfonso: On an adventure. I don’t know – the possibilities are endless. There are a plethora of things and I hope they are writing them all.

Soaps.com: Does it feel strange playing Hope without Peter?

Alfonso: No, not at all. We miss seeing him and do I miss working with him? Of course. We have such history together. But he made the decision to leave and he is happy and I heard he just sold his house and is enjoying life. I am too, but I am still on the show.

Soaps.com: How would you feel if the show recast Bo?

Alfonso: Peter can’t be recast.

Soaps.com: With Bo gone would you like to see Hope move on with another man? Is that even believable?

Alfonso: It is absolutely believable. Why would it not be? Hope could definitely move on without Bo romantically. But it would have to take something big. Because Hope is incredibly loyal, has never betrayed Bo except once when she thought he had slept with Billie. It was right after the death of their son, they had buried him and then she started receiving emails that he wanted a divorce. Her life was over, she couldn’t deal and she had a confidante there, a friend, Patrick (Brody Hutzler), and he listened and was a great ear to talk to and one thing led to another, Hope thinking it’s over. So absolutely.

Soaps.com: Hope has been a real rock for Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) through her troubles. How has Hope been affected by what her cousin is going through?

Alfonso: Hope is very concerned for Jennifer and how she turns herself inside out and how Jennifer gives herself such a hard time about Daniel (Shawn Christian). And she is hard on herself. Daniel really loves her and Jennifer is such a selfless character and always wants the best and is always thinking of everyone else and always puts herself last.

Soaps.com: We haven’t seen Hope really talking about Bo leaving. Would she consider talking with Marlena (Deidre Hall) as a friend?

Alfonso: Sure, absolutely. They talk, just off camera. She does talk and actually there is a huge conversation coming up that I am taping tomorrow which will be very interesting. She talks to people, bits and pieces, without revealing too much.