The price of marriage.

Since Lucas returned to Salem, his love life has gone cold, but then has it ever been permanently hot? All his exes are busy rekindling their romances with other men. Sami’s in love with EJ – again. Nicole seeks redemption as she entertains reluctant fantasies about Father Eric Brady. And Chloe sinks lower and lower as she tries to trap Daniel. Is there a woman in Salem today, even worthy of Lucas’ love?

In 1999, Lucas’s mother, Kate, essentially bought him a wife. To his credit, Lucas didn’t know. But it was an eleventh-hour decision arranged to help him secure custody of his son Will, whose mother Sami was in prison for the murder of Franco Kelly. The bride was none other than Nicole Walker. Rather than announce their nuptials in the Salem newspaper, Lucas blurted that he was married to Nicole while on the stand during his custody trial, as a shocked Sami and her father Roman Brady watched from prison on closed circuit television.

There were gasps of disbelief from those in the courtroom – especially Carrie and Austin who challenged Lucas’ custody. But it was Eric Brady, who Nicole claimed to be in love with, who literally got into a fistfight with Lucas over who really belonged with his fiancée. He was later thrown from the court, but later secretly eavesdropped on the courtroom testimony. Paid to stay true to her agreement with Kate, Nicole took the stand and fabricated a grand romance, claiming to love Lucas and seeking to be a good step-mother to Will.

Kate’s plan worked and the judge granted permanent custody of Will to Lucas and Nicole over Carrie and Austin. Do you remember how much Kate paid Nicole to marry Lucas?

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