Credit: Darbo (Tai Urban/

“If Chloe wanted Stefano, Stefano would be good for her as far as Nancy is concerned.”

Ever since Nancy has returned to Salem she has been up to her old scheming ways, this time helping daughter Chloe try to get her man, Dr. Daniel (Shawn Christian). spoke with actress Patrika Darbo about her return to town, her plan to help Chloe and her impending departure. How were you approached about returning to the show?

Darbo: They just called me and asked my availability and at the time I was available and when it works out that way it is great. And I had such a great time before so of course I would come back. How did it feel being back in Salem?

Darbo: It was terrific. There were a lot of changes that I didn’t know about and the kids were all grown up. And there were a few new ones I didn’t know because I am not an avid watcher when I am doing other things, so it was a schooling thing for me to say, “Now who do you know? Which one were you when you were 2?” And just finding out that Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) is now friends with Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and those kinds of things. Nancy would have been hard put to have had those things happen, and there are a few people who would have been eliminated had Nancy been around earlier. How is it working with Nadia again?

Darbo: I love and adore her and even when I wasn’t on the show, her mom and I are good friends, so I would see her at events and knew what she was up to. It is just so amazing to see her grow up. Plotting seems to come pretty naturally to Nancy. Can she even help it?

Darbo: You know what? I don’t choose to call it plotting. I think it is just that we all protect our loved ones, and she is going to find a way to help her daughter have what she wants, even though in her heart of hearts some things are not what they should be. But she loves her daughter and will do anything for her. Speaking of that, does she think Daniel is even good for Chloe?

Darbo: If Chloe wanted Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), Stefano would be good for her as far as Nancy is concerned. Like any parent, on one side of the aisle you are saying, “Honey, think about this.” But on the other side you are going, “Now that you’ve thought about it and that’s what you want, no contest, let’s go get it.” And I think a lot of parents still feel that way for their kids. They may not have the abilities to do some of the things that Nancy can do. But people protect their kids, or at least they should. How far is Nancy willing to go to protect Chloe then?

Darbo: I have a gun in my pocket honey!