I know what you did in the warehouse.

What is the matter with Stefano DiMera’s children!? Oh, that’s right they’re DiMeras – and whether they were adopted or not – they were all nurtured with the same silver spoon of revenge in their mouths. These days the troublemaker is Kristen DiMera.

Stefano leaves a bloodthirsty legacy for his children, which is why we’re keeping a close eye on his youngest son Chad. But before Chad, there was big brother Elvis, who, on his father’s orders came to Salem in 2006 to claim his father’s favor with a gift –John Black’s death. Undaunted by Stefano’s failed attempts to “off” John, EJ was sure he would succeed, even coercing John at gunpoint to divert the attention of his police chief friend Roman Brady from coming to the warehouse where John was being held. But what EJ didn’t count on was John fighting back and EJ’s gun going off in the process, hitting John who fell to the ground. EJ also didn’t bank on a witness to his crime – a Salem police officer.

Can you remember who saw EJ shoot John? Vote in the poll and comment below.

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