Poor parenting skills.

Practically everyone in Salem has been accused of being an unfit parent. Sami was a rebellious and vindictive teenager when she bore Will. Ciara Brady’s kidnapping sent Hope after Bo with accusations. Chloe’s prostitution history cast a pall over Parker. Even the late Jack Devereaux’s once nomadic lifestyle had people questioning how attentive a father he would be to Abigail. Now Nick Fallon’s homophobia rears its ugly head, as he uses blackmail and renders Will Horton childless by literally getting him to sign away his rights as a father to Gabi Hernandez’s baby girl!

Vivian Alamain got downright nasty and murderous in her vicious pursuit of Carly Manning. In her quest to declare Carly a pariah of motherhood, Vivian stole Carly’s son Nicholas, and raised him as her own – after telling Carly he died of premature complications shortly after being born. Nine years later, when Nicholas’ father Lawrence found out the truth, he told Carly their son was alive and she immediately pursued a case for full custody. Vivian wasn’t having any of that, so she staged an argument with Carly atop the terrace of the Penthouse Grill. She told Carly, “You’re unfit and don’t deserve to carry an Alamain, let along bring one up… ” To which Carly replied, “You’re sick!”

Do you remember how Vivian’s argument ended with Carly on the terrace of the Penthouse Grill? Take your pick of one of her many spectacular Alamain exits.

The road to supercouple bliss is paved with potholes and sometimes ditches. Vote for your hit ‘n’ miss Anna and Duke, almost-wedding moment in the GH Poll: A Do Over. With her love life under speculation, Miley Cyrus quits Twitter – for now.

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– Verachan Martyr