First crush.

Cameron has just figured out that Abigail is a virgin thanks to her membership in the Golden Circle Club back in high school, but it doesn’t mean Abigail hasn’t had any experience at all. Sure, she recently tried to make Austin believe they had slept together, but even before that she got down and dirty with Max Brady – while working at his garage.

After Jack and Jennifer were both offered dream jobs in London in 2007, they left for Europe. Abigail was still a teenager, and while she supported her parents move, she didn’t want to leave her school and friends. So she remained in Salem and continued to go to the university. She also got a job working at Max Brady’s garage when he saw how good she was at changing oil.

It wasn’t long before she had a mad crush on Max, who at the time was involved in a love triangle of his own between Chelsea and Stephanie. But when he broke things off with Chelsea and Stephanie left town, Max admitted that he had feelings for Abby too and they began to date.

Of course, Abby’s family had a big problem with this and thought Max was much too mature and experienced for young Abby. Maggie even called Jack to intervene and on a visit to New York, he demanded that she stayed away from him because of the age difference. He worried if she tied herself down she would regret it later.

Because of this, Abby’s relationship with Max proved to be too difficult, and she left Salem to attend school at NYU in New York. Sad, Max remained in Salem and moved on without her. Abigail did not return to Salem until 2011.