A few tricks up her sleeve.

For someone whose only job should be using that beautiful voice of hers to sing lullabies to her son Parker, Chloe Lane sure has her hands full with project Get-My-Man-Back. The former Mrs. Jonas is not only having a hard time letting go of Dr. Dan, but she’s got diabolical plans for any woman who stands in her way, so watch out Jennifer Horton!

Chloe hasn’t been this cruel and vindictive since… well, since audiences would have probably given her a pass for legitimately behaving that way as a bullied teenager. Leading the charge back then was a privileged boy named Philip Kiriakis. He got an early taste of Chloe’s creative comeuppance one day in February 2000 while shooting hoops with his cousin Shawn Brady. When Chloe and Belle Black strolled up to the basketball court, Philip got distracted and accused Chloe of messing up his game with her own special brand of cheering. After insulting her by claiming her boyfriend was a mangy dog that wandered up to the court, Chloe decided to shame Philip by taking his jacket, placing it over a nearby fire hydrant and watching as the mangy dog in question answered Mother Nature’s call.

Do you remember what name Philip called Chloe to set off this whole incident? Vote in the poll and comment below.

Living in Port Charles might be hazardous to Sam McCall’s personal security but then again not every would-be kidnapper is a match for this petite fighter. So who botched their opportunity? Vote for your pick in the GH Poll: A Victim Again, And Again? Singer Bobby Brown is facing 55 days in jail – maybe he should have hired Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer.

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– Verachan Martyr