Days of our Lives Weekly Blog
December 22 – 26:

As a semi-regular viewer and sometimes re-capper of Days of Our Lives, Chrissi has asked me to be ‘guest-blogger’ for this week! I’m excited to share my thoughts here just as I do each week in The Young and the Restless section of Days has been dishing up some pretty good drama recently, however, the slow-ish pace can be aggravating, and there are a few storylines that just aren’t working. Here’s how this week looked to me:

Chloe/Daniel: I had the impression that Dr. Jonas was a relatively deep human being, but if he’s attracted to the vacant-headed Chloe, then perhaps I will revise that opinion. She may be nice to look at, but Chloe doesn’t seem to have a whole lot else to offer – am I wrong? At risk of sounding vacuous myself, I’m all for Daniel and Chloe hitting the sheets though – they sizzle! I feel bad for Lucas, and oddly for ‘reborn-as-a-nice-person’ Kate, as well – both are headed for major disappointment. Anyway, I’m still trying to get my bearings on the rapid-fire love-interest changes in Salem – Chloe’s heart ricochets from Brady to Philip to Lucas, and now, perhaps, to Daniel, and Daniel’s interests have quickly run the gamut from Chelsea to Kate to Chloe. These people are seriously fickle!

Speaking of people who flit from one person to another, Chelsea has bounced from Nick to Daniel, sniffed around Nick again, and is now warming up to the idea of Max! Do the people in Salem have nothing to do other than swap partners? On the whole, I happen to prefer Max and Chelsea to Max and Stephanie though. Things will get pretty interesting if Chelsea starts seeing Max, and Stephanie has to come to terms with it. Then again, it might just be a lot of pouting and sulking. Nice that Stephanie can move on with Philip, but she behaves as though Max should stay single. Note to Chelsea: your best friend’s ex is supposed to be off-limits though, girl! Tough situation. I’m just hoping that whomever Max ends up with next, they share a lot of chemistry, and that he becomes more self-assured and less angry – his tantrums were really wearing thin there for awhile!

Stephanie/Philip/Melanie: This is an interesting rivalry between the two girls, but I haven’t chosen a side yet. Stephanie drove me nuts when she was with Max – always seemed to be whining, but she is better, so far, with Philip. Melanie is the ‘underdog’, which is often the person I root for, but she hasn’t got me on board yet. She’s a little too meddle-y for my taste, and although her allure is undeniable, she sometimes comes across like she’s trying too hard with the slinking and slurry words and squinty eyes. Philip, on the contrary, has me totally on board – and has been really sexy when trying to get close to Stephanie! By the way, I was intrigued by Melanie’s interest in Brady at the end of this week – there’s every possibility that they’d be a hot hook-up, but she’d only be using him to make Philip jealous…

So Victor spent basically all week twisting Philip and Brady around his little finger, and ultimately winds up ‘tricking’ them into teaming up to run Titan! It’s a bad sign for the future of Titan if the two guys running it can be that easily duped! I’m not buying this whole ‘Melanie as consultant’ bit either – it’s too contrived just to put her into close proximity with Philip and Stephanie. I sincerely hope that they have interesting things planned for the Titan work world, because the way things stand right now, it looks like it could easily become a prolonged stretch of snipping and sniping between Melanie and Stephanie, and Philip and Brady, with a little of Victor’s pompous scolding thrown in! Yick!