Has Sami met her match? (NBC)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from February 18 – 22:

This week we’ve the usual storylines being featured, a little drama and humour interspersed, but we’re still no closer to learning where Bo’s been. Some observations…

Afternoon delight.
There were no bells or whistles for Kate and Rafe’s mid-afternoon sex romp which was how it should be for two people who don’t have a need to or want to discuss what their bedroom antics mean. It’s refreshing. I guess they each got a taste of something they liked, but boy was the scene short.

Lucas, Lucas, Lucas.
Maybe Lucas needs a little ‘something something’ to take the edge off. We’re seeing a little too much bitter Lucas and not enough humourous Lucas to balance this guy out. He’s into everyone else’s personal business trying to protect Jenn and Sami, but went way beyond being a protective brother by telling Daniel that Jenn doesn’t want him in her life. Jenn got it from all sides with Lucas’s rant and lie to Daniel and then Chloe informing her she and Parker moved in with Danny-boy. The one person she didn’t get it from was Nicole.

In love already?
Nicole jumped from a lusty attraction to love, all in a week for Father Eric. Is it just a transfer of love for Daniel, and was Daniel just a transition from EJ? All week Nicole was trying to get the priest out of her naughty fantasies. It didn’t help that she bumped into Nu-Sydney – who incidentally looks as though she could pass as Nicole’s daughter, not Sami’s, which in itself is exceedingly interesting. Nu-Syd’s adorable. It took a bear hug from her to remind Nicole not to hold on to people so tight and then EJ who is sometimes civil and other times spiteful to her, gave her that last shove she was looking for to leave town. I’m not sure why she cares what EJ of all people thinks and I doubt she’ll leave after walking in on the robbery.

Chloe ramped up her game.
Chloe finally came up with a decent scheme to get Victor to give her the boot. She was pretty funny ranting at ole Victor about duct neglect, and blah blah blah but the joke was on her. Now she has to live at Daniel’s place without him. Course, Maggie, her oversized hairdo, and Jenn saw right through it as well as Daniel, but what’s a guy to do – kick his kid and the mother of his kid to the curb? What planet is Jenn on asking him to cut all ties with the mother of his child? That’s not Jennifer! She must be terribly desperate. Don’t these ladies know that there’s nothing you can do to stop love? I don’t know that it’ll happen for Chloe and Daniel but with Jenn and Dan being at odds; it sure makes it easier for Chloe to get her claws into him.