Credit: I voted Sami most annoying over Melanie.

These are the “DAYS” of my week for December 15-19:

Last week I mentioned that I saw some good changes to the show and I’m happy to report that I see a continuance of that this week. I’m happy with the way things are improving. I polled everyone, to find out who thought the storylines were getting better this week. Out of 242 votes, 34% said there has been a good shift, 33% said no, it’s as ridiculous or as boring as ever, 30% said it’s gotten a little better, while 3% weren’t sure and went to the boards to discuss it further!

Many fans seemed not to like the scenes after Bo’s fall. I loved the whole scene. It’s great to see a supercouple together getting along for a chance and Bo’s fall left him with visions, which can leave some fans rolling their eyes, while others interest is perked. This is in true Days style, reminiscent of JER’s creative writing, so I’m intrigued. This will tie in with a storyline including Theo, if you haven’t figured that out already!

Speaking of Theo, I liked the scenes with Chelsea, Max and Theo, at the pier. Max bonded with little Theo and when Theo asked for Charlie the dog by name, Max happily gave it to him. Great closure for Max and Lexi will be happy to her that Theo wants ‘stuff’! We’re seeing Max and Chelsea’s more grown up relationship starting here and we’ll see more of this around New Year’s Eve, too. The argument between Stephanie and Max seemed to have paved the way for this new relationship to start, though I imagine it will be hard to take, considering Chelsea and Stephanie are friends!

Jailed Nick gave Melanie his shares in his alternative fuel project, making her a future millionaire, but she somehow thought that meant she could wander through Titan and take it over! Her lines were funny, her quips to Stephanie were priceless. Fans had been commenting that Stephanie was showing a little too much bust for work and Melanie called her on it, saying looked more prepared for work at Hooters! I thought Stephanie looked fab and grown up, but no wonder Philly couldn’t keep his head in business! Kind of inappropriate for him to be coming on to her at work, even though she liked it. Keep that stuff outside the office, I say and maybe in the bedroom! That’s where I’m hoping they’re headed.

Not so sure where I want Dr. Feelgood and the Harpie to go…. The mysterious doctor Jonas and the bubble-headed brunette have been making goo goo eyes at each other and can’t keep the other off their minds, but what about Lucas?! Kate has just come around to the idea of Chloe marrying Lucas and now this monkey wrench is thrown into the story. Great drama! I’d like to know more about Dr. Feelgood though. I can’t decide what he’s all about. I was a little concerned for Bo, when he was examined, but Dr. Feelgood is only into the female persuasion, so didn’t make a pass at him! I’d like to see Chloe emote more. I think that’s what’s bothering me about her relationship with Lucas. I’m not feeling it…still, and especially now.

EJ goes off looking for Nicole, to warn her about Stefano’s interference, so he goes to Daniel. Why, we’ve no idea. Then Daniel tells him she got a new doctor, so EJ calls Brookville and finds out Nicole’s there. WTF? Talk about a crappy relationship these two have. No trust whatsoever. EJ can’t wait to tell her when she gets home? He has to call all over and track her down? I’d dump him in a heartbeat. Such control. She really is his possession than a girlfriend. Then, when he comes upon her at the hospital, he asks, “What the hell are you doing here?” Holy rude! Isn’t she an adult, capable of going out without her beau’s permission? How Neanderthal. Then there’s Nicole, going deeper into her own darkside. Next thing you know, she’ll be giving away Stefano’s designer vases in order to pay off the doctor. No, really, she will! I keep wondering who is going to catch her without her pregnancy pad!