Born of love.

After what seemed like an eternity of ‘will they or won’t they’, Sami and EJ not only had sex this week, but Sami told EJ that she loved him too. And while these two have certainly had their emotional ups and downs over the course of their relationship, this wasn’t the first time the two put their emotions on the line and hopped into bed, including the time Sydney was conceived.

In May 2008, Sami and EJ finally hashed out their feelings over the fact Johnny was conceived in a car the same night Sami and Lucas conceived Allie. They laid everything on the table and Sami decided it was time for a clean slate between the two of them. EJ was skeptical that Sami could really forgive him for how their first time happened, but she assured him all was forgiven.

Unfortunately, their intimate conversation was crashed by an inebriated Nicole, demanding to see EJ. Jealous and angry, Sami pushed Nicole out the door, then grabbed EJ for a passionate kiss. At first she was horrified by her actions, especially as she was waiting for Lucas to be released from prison. They kissed again, and EJ was determined not to mess things up. He needed to be sure of her feelings and she made it clear she had put their bad past behind them.

The two ended up in bed together, but due to a misunderstanding Lucas was released from prison early and was furious when he found the two in bed together. Sami chased after him, and EJ overheard her tell Lucas her time with EJ didn’t mean anything. Lucas always suspected that Sami had feelings for EJ, despite her continued denial, and told Sami things were over between them.

Soon, Sami and EJ’s marriage was annulled, and while EJ tried to move on with Nicole, Sami stuck with Lucas. EJ and Nicole even had sex in an elevator during a power outage. But when EJ called out Sami’s name instead of Nicole’s one night in bed, he showed his true feelings. Nicole ended up pregnant at the same time Sami found out she was pregnant with EJ’s child, Sydney.