Furthering his support of the U.S. armed forces, James Reynolds (Abe, Days) has signed on to participate in the Hollywood Handshake Tour, where he and other entertainers will travel around Germany and Kosovo to visit hospitalized American soldiers.

Beginning on December 19 in Hohenfels, Germany, the tour will bring holiday cheer to wounded soldiers until December 31 when they make their last stop in Edleweiss Lodge, Germany. In the process, they will remind these soliders that America supports them and appreciates all their efforts.

Other entertainers joining James will include his wife, Lissa Layng Reynolds, Dennis Farina (“Law & Order”, “Out of Sight”), Ramon De Ocampo (“The West Wing”, “CSI”), Bill Brochtrup (“He’s Just Not That Into You”) and Amy Danielson (“Take Out”, “Dominique’s Game”).

Soaps.com is glad to know that even though James won’t be home for the holidays, he will at least be with his wife and working for a worthy cause.