What's next for Kate? (NBC)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from January 28 – February 1:

Aside from thriving on their need to gossip about matters that didn’t concern them, we saw a lot of bickering this week between Salemites but nobody really had much else to say except Sami, who had a lot to say. Between EJ and Sami and Daniel and Jenn, the romance gave us some much needed balance. Let’s break things down.


Scooby-Doo and the Gossip Mongers:
Hope came up with an idea for Jenn to ask Scooby-Doo on a “sexy” date for hot chocolate and marshmallows in the (very private) park. Yeah. This is why Chloe thinks she has a chance with Daniel but her ideas aren’t that much better. Showing up half naked at Daniel’s door is such a tired old attempt to make Jenn jealous. At this point I can’t see any of Chloe’s attempts to derail the Dannifer romance working.

I have a confession. I don’t think I much care for Father Eric. He’s almost as judgmental as his twin and not what I want to see in a priest.

I agree with Brady. Kristen is jealous of Nicole. Kristen’s already in too deep with her feelings for Brady but wait until he clues in to what she’s all about. The tables will surely be turned.


Salemites have lost the art of scheming!
Nicole’s plot to plant Titan documents on Kristen’s computer was the most obvious and embarrassing sham of a scheme I’ve seen to date. I blame her work at the rectory for messing with her juju. Chloe and Anne are just as bad. As villains, they’re not even fun to hate. They’re just really annoying.

Kristen and Roman’s scene at the pub seemed pointless. Does that mean it really was? I know nothing but can’t help but wonder why we’ve seen nothing of Roman for weeks and when we have it’s with Kristen. I could be reading too much into this!

It struck me that it was never revealed why our resident mama’s boy, and Scooby-Doo imitator showed up at Maggie and Victor’s place so I have to assume he was a plot point to ensure more than one person saw Nicole’s suspicious behaviour while seated at Brady’s computer which coincidentally housed the confidential Titan documents. Nicole could be in trouble.

Kate and Billie’s scene was rather anti-climactic. Underused Billie did the right thing by quitting MadWorld. She’s better off away from such toxicity, but will this drive Kate into a downward spiral?


The lost and the lonely.
Always getting into some trouble, Nicole has really become the Lindsay Lohan of Salem. Blaming Henderson of all people for stealing those sensitive files was asinine though rather amusing. Her whole scheme to get Brady away from Kristen was preposterous and a little insulting. Nicole’s not that stupid. She can do better than this! I suppose when a scheme is coming from one’s heart instead of their head, it’s doomed to fail!