Credit: Out with Rafe; In with EJ. (NBC)

Deconstructing “DOOL” from January 21-25:

It was a short week filled with contention. Blake Berris continued to blow everyone away with what he’s doing with Nick, which is evident by all of the ‘hate Nick’ threads in the forums, Rafe vowed he was done with Sami and we believed him this time, and all the while Gabi and Will learned they’re having a daughter. That means it’s time to vote. Help Gabi and Will name their baby.

What trust.
Daniel acted in a surprising way twice this week by being so protective of Chloe and jumping to conclusions thinking Her Royal Hortonness of all people would call CPS on Chloe behind his back. Is this a taste of what’s to come for Jenn? Anne and Chloe’s satisfaction over their ridiculous plot to separate Dan from Jenn was laughable. Someone should tell Chloe she should have went to a DiMera for a real scheme in her quest to break up Dannifer.

Will’s enthusiasm…
It was good to see Will as giddy as a school girl after things became more real during the ultrasound and confirmation of the child’s sex. He even succeeded at bringing forth my excitement a little, which if Nick gets what he wants, means it’s about to hit the fan, because nobody can be happy for too long in Salem.

Has anyone noticed that Nick only likes Gabi?