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Deconstructing “DOOL” from January 14-18:

A lot happened this week so let’s get right to it.

Gabi’s Fairytale Wedding.
I must confess that I was floating on a cloud of schadenfreude (Ironically, I wrote this before Marlena said it on Thursday’s show!) when Gabi’s “perfect fairytale wedding” was broken up by Chad. They should have gone to the JP instead of being big ole hypocrites and taking their lies to the church but whatever. This is a lot of stress for pregnant Gabi. Could she lose the baby?

Sami was quite possibly the biggest hypocrite she has ever been in this situation. Gabi didn’t have to drug Will to sleep with her and she told him she was pregnant right away. We all know that Sami did this twice and dragged it on for years. One would think she would sit back and ask questions instead of being so quick to judge Gabi’s motives but we know how self-absorbed she is so she was likely thinking that Gabi’s reasons for hiding the truth are identical to her own.

Officer Hernandez, much like Sami, was so quick to jump to conclusions. Catholic Officer Hernandez belted Chad in a church as any good upstanding police officer would do and then Detective Hope Brady of course arrested Chad, not Officer Hernandez but Chad, for disturbing the peace but not Officer Hernandez for assaulting a civilian when the officer threw the first punch. And this is how Hope claims she was trying to save Rafe’s career. How would that have worked? Dirty cops. Classic “Days” writing! It didn’t stop Monday. The rest of the week, the cop continued inattention to minor illegalities by encouraging the fine upstanding citizen and psychiatrist extraordinaire Doctor Marlena Evans to wear a wire in order to catch Kristen in her lies about how she is using Brady. Course it didn’t work because Kristen is a DiMera and probably smelled the scheme coming through Marlena’s skin when she stepped off the elevator on her floor.