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These are the “DAYS” of my week for December8-12:

It’s almost Christmas, and many are asking if Alice will return. I’ve no idea, haven’t asked yet, but I assume they’ve already taped these scenes, because I already know what’s to come. I’m doubting she’ll be there, but we can expect Julie and Doug and Kristian Alfonso’s son will play a part as one of the sick children at University Hospital, during the reading of the Christmas Story! All good times to come, I think….. It seems to me as though the writers have been getting used to the characters and creating new relationships to build upon, and that’s why the plots weren’t that great. I’m not pleased with how they’ve taken a great actress like Ali Sweeney and turned her character into a sobbing wreck. Pregnant women are not that annoying. I have seen a bit of a shift in the show again, this week, which is for the better. There are also improvements in the younger set, with budding relationships.
I loved Monday’s show. Sami and Rafe got along. They shared a moment when Sami gave Rafe her finger to show him the pin prick she received when she was trimming the tree with popcorn. I gather it lends to the possibility of a future love interest, but I can’t see how Rafe would be attracted to such a horrible mess that is Sami, at this moment. Once EJ called, Sami’s week went downhill. EJ called to say goodbye to their past and hello to his future with Nicole. I’m one of the few who thought that it was a good thing and important scene. It has kicked things up, given this boring storyline a kick in the arse and will give Sami one, too. Maybe it’ll end soon. Perhaps now, she can admit she’s in love with EJ and fight for him, against Nicole. I wonder how EJ can move on so quickly without Sami, considering how he feels about her. Then again, did he ever actually say he loved Sami? It’s been so long, I forget. Sami has never, ever said she loved him, but her actions and childish rants show she does. The pain Sami felt was obvious, but trashing Nicole was immature and done with no class whatsoever, making me dislike her character more.
Sami admitted she’s selfish and doesn’t want her kids to do well without her. I’m shaking my head. I get that she’s extremely heartbroken but she should be happy that they’re fine while she’s away. It will make things easier upon her return.
Rafe was stabbed and I was surprised, because I figured it would be better for this killer if he simply followed Rafe home, to Sami. No? How is he supposed to find Sami if Rafe dies? Not that he will, but still…

Chax, Melsea…which is it?
Another important scene that I blithely poked fun at last week due to my ignorance was Max and his box from Trent. See, I don’t think Trent would have left him this toy. Trent was a bastard, and I can’t see that he’d have hung on to this dog all these years. Still, it was a bit of closure for Max. I liked seeing Max with Chelsea during these scenes and want to see more of them. They’ve both grown and I think it’s time for a more adult relationship for both. Sorry Dansea fans, that ship has sailed. Sorry Stax fans, it isn’t going to happen. It’s a shame that the show teased you like that.