Dull festivities.

What kind of bachelor party takes place at a coffee house? A dull one, that’s what! When Chad, Sonny, Will, Lucas, and Dr. Cameron Davis showed up at Caffeinated to start what was supposed to be a night of revelry for Nick Fallon’s last night as a single man, the guys looked anything but pumped to celebrate. With Will harboring secrets for the bride, Chad harboring hatred for the bride, and Nick harboring a pervasive bad attitude, something is sure to blow.

Will’s mom Sami knows a thing or two about bachelor parties. But wherever Sami goes, the night is never dull. On the eve of their marriage, Sami and Lucas shared a stag and doe with her stepbrother Brady Black and his fiancée Chloe Lane Wesley. Harboring a few secrets of her own, namely the fact that she’d been parading around as a man named “Stan,” Sami worried to her grandma Caroline about her future happiness and grumbled about merging her bachelorette party with Chloe’s. With Shawn Douglas tending bar and Victor Kiriakis ready to deliver some fatherly advice to Lucas, later, things heated up as two hired cowboys came in for a striptease and dance. Under Kate’s suspicious eye, Sami made off with one of the strippers wearing an eye mask, who claimed he had a message for her from Tony DiMera. After discovering who the stripper was, Sami demanded that he help her get rid of all traces of her “Stan” disguise, from her wig and make-up to her clothes. Can you remember who the masked stripper was? Vote and comment in the poll below.

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