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These are the “DAYS” of my week from December 1-5:

It’s long, so let’s get right to it…

EJ, and the DiMera threats:
EJ couldn’t get the prognosis of Nicole or their baby from Dr. Baker, due to a little thing called a physician’s oath, so he does what any DiMera would do and threatens the doctor! That odd character, Doc Baker put EJ in his place by telling him that he should just talk to Nicole, if he wants to hear the prognosis! This scene I originally thought was showing EJ in a controlling light and mistrustful light, but I realized later that EJ truly cares for Nicole and is simply trying to ensure she and their baby is healthy. Next week, Stefano will council EJ to marry Nicole. I think Stefano should stay out of it. Just because they’re having a baby (not really) does not mean they should marry. He’s so old fashioned. I’m glad he’s back on canvas. Matt and I (of Matty’s Musings on Soap Opera Fan and Guiding Light news writer on were discussing him early Wednesday, wondering why the show brought him back if only to back burner him so much. Now I see that he’s back and involved in a blood diamond storyline. Fantastic! I’m thrilled and it was all very exciting on Friday. Hoping this means more of that to come.

I think it’s odd that they don’t have an intercom system in the manse. Stefano asked Mary, the maid, to go find EJ for him. Is that really in Mary’s job description? And Mary’s too nice. I’d like to see her a little crusty sometimes. Make it interesting. I miss John’s manservant, Rolf.

Marlena’s big yap:
I disagreed with how Marlena reacted to John saving her from the killer. She carried on that he could have hurt the kids? Er, so could the killer have! Johnny wasn’t even there. Nobody was there, so she should be thankful she’s alive. Because of John. Later on in the week, she stepped over some boundaries when she told Brady that John was going into therapy. That’s not up to her to say. This set the scene for her meeting later in the week with Dr. Taylor, who is really nice and seems to look up to Marlena. Marlena’s line was very odd, upon meeting this Doctor, when she expected Dr. Kenneth Taylor, she says to Charlotte, “That’s impossible! Dr. Taylor is a man!” Yes, she was surprised, but it was a ridiculous line, especially for a psychiatrist to use. She was jealous and imperious around Dr. Taylor. John, of course fed into it. He seemed to tease her and kind of flirty with Dr. Taylor, in his own way. I think Dr. Taylor’s going to help John. Not that it’s a newsflash. I mean, these two are gone in a month, so something has to give, right?

Chloe and Lucas got engaged:
Rush, rush, rush! Still, it was a fun scene, between friends. No chemistry. No spark. I find that for the most part, Chloe is insincere. Break them up, please.

Chloe was as shocked as Kate was to find out that she’s a match for the bone marrow transplant, but since Chloe’s still on drugs for her cancer, that’s impossible for her to take part in this. It would compromise her immune system. But Dr. Dan, mystery man, may have found a way around this. Is this all done to make Chloe and Kate pals? I just don’t know where they’re going with it!
Lucas’s lines have kept me sniggering lately. When Kate calls Chloe a venerable woman, Lucas perks up and says, “That means you’re one tough cookie.” Chloe didn’t even give him a dirty look!

Nicole and Kate are sooooo scientific!

Extra, Extra, this just in: Cancer is caused by bad Karma:
Both Kate and Nicole cried bad karma during the week. Of course, this is scientifically impossible! I cringe whenever I hear it. If I were Daniel or Brady, I’d have this advice….Kate the cancer may be from second hand smoke inhaled over the years. Nicole, you lost your fetus because of scarring in your uterus and because the fetus was not viable…You K-mart clad bim. Read a book!