Trust issues.

With Brady Black and Kristin DiMera’s bedroom acrobatics singed on Marlena’s eyeballs, it’s easy to understand why she wouldn’t want to share the lurid details. But this week she did share with none other than her good friend Hope Brady. Since Marlena is unable to confide in John, Hope was there to steady the Salem psychiatrist as she griped about Kristen’s underhanded tricks to break up her marriage to her beloved hubby John.

There was a time, however, when Marlena considered Hope a threat to her marriage. In fact, Marlena had serious trust issues with Hope, or rather Princess Gina Von Amberg, after it was revealed that she had a relationship with John when she was kidnapped and brainwashed by Salem villain Stefano DiMera. So when John asked his precious Doc to trust him and allow him to help Hope peel her past memories as the wily Princess, Marlena was not only jealous but very resistant.

And why not?

Hope had asked John to tell her everything about her life as Princess Gina, including the details of how her son JT was conceived. Fuming, Marlena begged John not to reveal the vivid details of his lovemaking with Hope as Princess Gina, as she feared it would trigger memories better left buried. She later confronted and blasted Hope for trying to relive her moments with John – something Hope profusely denied. Confident they had no secrets in their marriage, Marlena tersely warned her rival that whatever she and John discussed, he would always tell Marlena.

Was Marlena worrying for nothing? Maybe not, as John and Princess Gina never quite got that divorce they were supposed to in Alamainia. Vote in the poll and comment below.

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