She's just "mean mean mean." (NBC)

A look back at Salem in 2012.

2012 may have brought new love interests for our Salemites but we saw much of the same scandals happening. Besides the never-ending love triangles, we had the return of Kristen Blake Black DiMera, Caroline’s Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis, and we sadly said goodbye to Peter Reckell after playing Bo Brady for 23 years.

The SAFE-EJAMI love triangle continues.
Sami’s become the woman of the year. She’s suddenly a successful businesswoman with two men fighting over her. After Sami and EJ’s one night affair was exposed and Rafe left Sami for Carrie, Sami moved on to EJ, then to Lucas. Although it’s hard to really remember the two-minute fling Lucas and Sami had again until Rafe came back for Sami’s attention once Carrie chose Austin. While the rivalry between Rafe and EJ vying for Sami is endearing, it just seems like one big carousel ride that probably won’t stop in 2013.

Secrets revealed.
We always learn more about our characters’ past each year. This year, Ian McAllister, Madison’s husband, came to shake things up in Salem. He, like many men, had a past with Kate and their rekindled flame broke up her marriage with Stefano. Meanwhile, we learned EJ wasn’t really Stefano’s biological son. A brief ‘whodunnit’ mystery had Stefano shot and “killed,” but the not-so-charming Ian admitted to Kate he was responsible. Of course the phoenix rose from the ashes and Stefano and EJ learned that they were in fact father and son biologically. Not totally a roller-coaster, but a sigh of relief to see this former estranged father and son somewhat reunited, probably to cause trouble in the new year.

Things get explosive.
Literally, explosive in August, when a gas leak from Salem’s tunnels caused an explosion that ended up killing Jack while he saved his daughter, Abigail’s life. Madison also died on her and Brady’s wedding day. A shattered Jenn found herself drawn to Daniel again, who she had to let go since she had chosen Jack over him earlier in the year. This didn’t sit well with Nicole who at that point had fallen for him.

Nicole goes loco.
Nicole’s always been one of those characters that you’re expecting to get into a mess. She reunited with EJ briefly until she found out about his night with Sami. She then learned she was miraculously pregnant with EJ’s son and got Rafe to pretend to be the father. Meanwhile she snagged her best friend, Chloe’s ex when she got together with Daniel. Sadly, Nicole lost the baby but hid the truth to hold on to Daniel until she fell down the stairs during an argument with Jennifer who had come back in the picture. Even though she tried to blame Jenn for her miscarriage, the truth came out and Nicole got so desperate she threatened to end her life. With the recent return of Eric Brady, now a priest guiding her, Nicole is trying to make amends. Seeing that Eric was a previous lover of her’s, this should make things more interesting.

Young love.
Young love was in the air this year. Days had a more realistic storyline with Will coming out and having to deal with parents who are adjusting to him being gay. He’s fallen in love with Sonny and now he’s fathered a child with Gabi from a random night of sex before fully accepting who he is. Earlier in the summer, Gabi channeled Jan Spears and had Melanie kidnapped in order to have Chad to herself. When Melanie was finally rescued after the explosion, she learned that Nick Fallon was released from jail and eventually left Chad and all the drama in Salem behind. Now Nick and Gabi are planning to marry and raise her child together as Chad continues to make her miserable for what she did to Melanie. We’ll have to see how Gabi’s pregnancy goes with Chad stirring up trouble and whether Sonny and Will’s relationship will last once the paternity of Gabi’s baby is exposed. It’s just a matter of time, right?