Pawn, real attraction or both? (NBC)

Deconstructing “Days” from November 26-30:

This week showed us that there isn’t a single Salemite left who has ever heard of boundaries, they tend to go spastic when anyone under the age of 30 gets knocked up, they’ve never quite understood the meaning behind “It’s none of your business,” but by the end of the week, they were asking for forgiveness left, right, and center.

Baby on board.
Rafe’s overprotective nature had him riding Will’s ass hard about Gabi’s “abortion.” Will should have just come clean. Why hide it? Nick too came down really hard on Gabi by jumping to conclusions and blurting out accusations. I thought he was going to publicly flog her for a minute and all she could do was stammer while Will grew a set and blurted out the truth. Maybe she thought it’d come between them and didn’t want to ruin a good thing but was the ‘good thing’ ever really that good if she was feeding him lies?

Sami still owes Gabi an apology for going behind her back. “I hope you understand why I had to go to Rafe,” is not an apology. I wish Gabi would have called her on it. Instead, she didn’t even get mildly dismayed upon realizing Sami blabbed to Rafe and Nick. Sami told Rafe out of selfishness in order to “make progress” in their “relationship” and Rafe didn’t even mind that she used his sister. Yeah, the one who he’s always trying to protect? It’s pretty disgusting. That whole clinic scene was just ridiculous. Gabi’s not a teenager and doesn’t need her brother to tell her what to do. For that matter, neither does Sami need Rafe on her ass. Let me rant about that for a while…

The protective vibe is such a turn off.
Though I understand Rafe’s jealousy and concern over learning that EJ is Sami’s boss, he should have reeled it in considering he and Sami are not an item and cavemen are not sexy. She even had to remind him that Gabi’s issues took precedence over theirs yet he still kept nattering. Red flag.

Speaking of the protective type and red flags, Nick’s getting weird. He just wants to belong to a family. Um doesn’t he have one? And really? He’s already trashing the father of Gabi’s child? Couple of red flags this week. Should Gabi marry Nick? Vote.