Painful divorces.

Stefano DiMera and Kate Roberts go way back – back to when Kate was a prostitute and Stefano literally lifted her into another business. Always the one with a plan B, Stefano could expect Kate to turn to him for help, money and a good ‘ol cover-up.

When Stefano married Kate it was a proposal wrapped in blackmail to hide the evidence and save her from going to prison for attempting to poison Chloe Brady and planning to kill her former lover Dr. Daniel Jonas. For a while, it looked like this necessary arrangement of sorts would turn into grudging respect and loyalty. Could these two really make it? Kate and Stefano doted on each other like a newlywed couple with dreams of growing old together.

Enter Ian McAllister (a walking fidelity test for Kate set up by the ever suspicious Stefano) whose passionate past with Kate, quickly and just as passionately consumed her present.

When Stefano learned of Kate’s adultery, he confronted her over an elaborate dinner and promptly declared they were getting divorced. He also seized control of Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics and Hearth and Home brands and put Kate’s enemy Sami Brady in charge, all while adding a lengthy spell of the silent treatment in for good measure.

After discovering Ian was the wretch who supposedly murdered Stefano, Kate’s grief and love for the Phoenix was plastered all over her sobbing face, but it was too late. Stefano’s indifference and unwillingness to forgive her affair with Ian, forced Kate’s hand and she angrily and sadly signed the divorce papers earlier this week.

A shrewd businesswoman who lives on her own terms, Kate’s success in the boardroom is only dimmed by her repeated unsuccessful attempts to control the lives of her children, Billie, Austin and Lucas, and thwart those who dare enter their orbit with ill intentions. Always a beautiful woman, Kate exudes an unmatched female sensuality in Salem. Roman Brady wasn’t immune. They fell in love and Roman proposed to Kate on bended knee the night of Christmas Eve. But when Roman found out that it was Kate who set out to ruin his daughter Sami’s life, he immediately wanted to put distance between them.

What was Kate’s crime? After drugging both Sami and Brandon Walker, Kate set up a sexual tryst between them so that Lucas (also Sami’s fiancé) would discover them in bed and be forced to call off their wedding. It was a different kind of betrayal that Roman couldn’t forgive. After all, how could Kate do that when as his wife he expected her to make peace with Sami and look after her if anything happened to him?

As captain of police, Roman was a straight shooter and a realist. He announced his intention to seek a divorce with all the finesse of an officer of the law laying charges on a suspect. Admittedly, Kate was caught off-guard. There was no chance of a reconciliation.

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– Verachan Martyr