Lonely Thanksgiving.

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon them, Salem’s former Mayor and widowed father Abe Carver’s still grieves for his beloved wife Lexi. She was a generous doctor who cared about her family, and was always searching for redeeming DiMera qualities to better understand her father Stefano and brother EJ. Following Lexi’s death from a brain tumor, Abe was left to raise their son Theo on his own. No doubt this Thanksgiving and the many more to come will be difficult for the Carver family.

As an up and coming doctor, Alexandra ‘Lexi’ Carver was always hard at work at Salem hospital – holidays included. One year, as the Brady, Kiriakis and Horton families settled down separately for their hearty Thanksgiving dinners, Lexi was in the hospital morgue seeking closure for her newly found mother Celeste whom she had long thought was her aunt. Celeste was not only Lexi’s mother, but also Stefano DiMera’s – Lexi’s father’s long-time former mistress. Celeste wanted to pay her respects and say goodbye to Peter Blake, the DiMera family attorney, Stefano’s son and Kristen Blake’s brother, who was lying dead in the morgue.

Peter had been shot in a tousle with Jack Deveraux who caught him creeping up the stairs at Jennifer Horton’s place holding a syringe as he was on his way to administer a drug to kidnap her. Peter supposedly died, but was really lying not-so-dead on a morgue table – unbeknownst to all but his presumed-dead father, Stefano, who snuck into the morgue to devise a scheme to whisk Peter away instead of burying him in a cold, dark grave.

Celeste claimed a highly-developed psychic sensibility. She had premonitions often and as she and Lexi entered the morgue, Stefano bolted and hid. Celeste couldn’t shake the strong sense of danger she felt in the room which overpowered her other feelings of pain, loneliness and suffering. As Lexi searched for the manifest of bodies in the morgue, Celeste walked from corner to corner, frantically wondering why she was experiencing such an intense sense of foreboding. It turns out that the only person ever able to evoke those feelings was Stefano DiMera – who was spending his Thanksgiving hiding under a sheet on one of the other morgue tables hoping to remain undiscovered.

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– Verachan Martyr