Mending fences.

Brady Black has always had a tumultuous relationship with his stepmom, Marlena Evans. Our flashback looks back on their rough patches over the years and how they were able to turn things around enough for him to occasionally call her “mom.”

After Brady’s mom Isabella Toscano died when he was a baby, his dad John Black took back up with his ex Marlena while she was still married to Roman. Their tryst brought along Brady’s half-sister Belle, named after his own mother. Roman found out about the affair, dumped Marlena and she eventually remarried John after his marriage to Kristen ended. Brady became bitterly resentful toward Marlena.

In 2000 Brady experienced SORAS to become a teenager, portrayed by Kyle Lowder. He was spoiled and mean and was not trusted by many, including Marlena. Of course the feeling was mutual and he felt he was never as important to her as Belle. He also thought she was a bad mother to Sami and Eric.

They fought constantly and Marlena was even convinced that Brady tried to kill Belle. She became obsessed with sending him to jail and rallied Roman to her side. When Marlena sent him and Abe after Brady, Abe shot Brady in the back, paralyzing him.