Surprise Pregnancies.

Gabi Hernandez is romantically involved with Nick Fallon but has just learned that she is carrying a baby – Will Horton’s baby. How did that happen? When Chad DiMera gave Gabi the boot from his apartment over her involvement in girlfriend Melanie’s kidnapping, a depressed Gabi decided to move to the room above the pub. On her way there she bumped into ex-boyfriend Will. Insecure and struggling with guilt they tried to comfort each other but end up in bed kissing and having grief sex followed by awkwardness later. Now, a shocked Gabi is 12 weeks pregnant and Will’s mother Sami is the only one who knows.

Surprise pregnancies have been on Sami’s menu before. As a teen, Sami had her eyes on her sister Carrie’s boyfriend Austin Reed, so when Lucas came to Salem and wanted Carrie, he and and Sami hooked up to make the couple jealous. They failed and after some time Sami, still obsessed with Austin, decided to try again. Sami obtained an amnesiac substance, then drugged and raped Austin, who was disgusted when he finally woke up next to her. He made her swear not to tell anyone.

The problem was Sami was also sleeping with Lucas.

Austin’s rejection after Sami’s second seduction attempt prompted Sami to leave town for Los Angeles – only to return to Salem on the day of her sister’s wedding to Austin. She fainted at the church. Amidst all the concerned guests, including Austin, Sami announced that she was pregnant with his baby. Feeling guilty, Austin devoted himself to Sami instead of marrying Carrie and baby Will was born shortly after.

Austin was snowed by Sami for months until Carrie found evidence that Will really was Lucas’ baby, not Austin’s. Carrie showed him proof at the church (and Lucas) before he married Sami. When Marlena confronted her, she still lied and said that Austin was the only one she had sex with until Lucas came forward, realizing Will really was his.