An exceptional bedside manner.

This Throwback Thursday, is going to talk about the good doctor, Dr. Daniel Jonas. Ever since Dr. Daniel Jonas came to Salem he’s had an interest in all of his patients, well mostly the female ones. He’s widowed, his deceased wife Rebecca Jonas was a former patient of his. His Godfather, in the traditional sense, Victor Kiriakis, brought him to Salem to save Bo’s life. Victor might have thought twice about bringing him if he knew there’d be competition romancing the ladies of Salem. It seems they’ve both had relationships with Kate Roberts and Nicole Walker. There are only so many women in Salem to go around, and even less if you have to wait for one or two to end up on your examination table.

At one point in Dr. Jonas’ career in Salem, he had the challenging task of treating Kate’s cancer. They had a fling. In trying to save her life through a bone marrow transplant, he became closer to Kate’s donor, Chloe. It’s hard to tell where things exactly got messy but falling in love with your significant other’s future daughter-in-law is not such a good thing. Although Kate broke things off with Daniel she didn’t like how close he was with Chloe who was still trying to work things out with Lucas.

After Chloe helped save Kate’s life, it was only fitting that Kate try to kill her, and blame the good doctor. Daniel had to save Chloe and after getting released on bail after being set up by Kate, he broke the law to save her life, despite the restraining order keeping him away from his alleged victim.

Daniel and Chloe didn’t last quite so long when in an act of jealousy she had a one-night stand with Daniel’s daughter Melanie’s husband, Philip Kiriakis and became pregnant. Daniel married Chloe believing it was his baby but all things changed after the baptism when he found out Caroline Brady switched the paternity results and allegedly, Parker was Philip’s child. They soon divorced.

Although they were involved with other people, they were brought together time and time again. Do you remember what the most significant event was in their relationship that solidified them as a couple? Take our poll and share your comments below.