Grandpa Shawn Brady.

There is nothing more endearing on a soap opera than a doting old man. Shawn Brady of “Days of our Lives” was exactly that, endearing to the hearts of many in Salem and “DOOL” fans.

Shawn entered the picture in 1983, the husband to Caroline Brady and father to Roman, Kimberly, Kayla and Bo. For a time he also was a surrogate father of sorts to John Black who was falsely represented as their son Roman for many years.

Previously credited as one of the top ten dramatic soap opera disasters by, is the plane crash of 2008 that claimed Grandpa Shawn’s life. After a life-draining trip to Ireland that included reuniting with his sister Colleen and John Black finding out he was a DiMera, Shawn Brady was set to return home. Marlena, Hope, Kayla, John, Philip, Chloe, Belle, Shawn Douglas, Shawn, Bo and Steve joined him on that fatal flight that would take his life along with two pilots.

The plane was sabotaged by Ava Vitali’s henchmen. Ava was a woman from Steve Johnson’s past who had some mental health issues. Prior to the crash landing, Grandpa Shawn made heroic efforts to save Bo Brady by giving up his oxygen mask to the son he called his own.

Sad days followed in Salem but after a church funeral, the Brady’s retreated to the pub for a traditional Irish wake in Grandpa Shawn’s honor.