Kristen Blake is back in Salem and Marlena is none too happy about it. And why should she be? She and Kristen have a bad history. Kristen helped Stefano kidnap Marlena and held her hostage, she had an affair with John, her uncle by adoption, and even had a hand in Marlena’s possession storyline. And when John and Marlena were set to marry in 1997, she did not give up without a fight.

After the Woman in White moved into the DiMera mansion with Kristen, John, and Marlena, John revealed under hypnosis that he loved Marlena despite the fact he was expecting with Kristen.

When Stefano asked for Kristen’s help in kidnapping Marlena, she agreed. John eventually rescued Marlena. Kristen lost her baby but was able to convince her doctor to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Stefano hired a pregnant woman named Susan – identical to Kristen – who agreed to hand over her baby once he was born. Marlena began to suspect that Kristen was not really pregnant.

When Susan went into labor, John married her while Kristen looked on, unable to stop it. Susan handed over her baby, John Black Jr., but later regretted it and wanted to stay married to John and raise her own son. Kristen locked Susan in a secret room, and Marlena soon joined her there when she found out the truth. But the roles were soon switched when Susan escaped and locked Kristen up with Marlena while she went off to marry John herself.

Luckily, they were rescued after Susan confessed and Kristen and John were almost married – until Marlena rushed in and told John all about Kristen’s misdeeds. Kristen pulled a gun on Marlena and was arrested but was released just in time to crash John and Marlena’s engagement party. When that didn’t work to break them up, she focused on stopping their big day.

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