Happy Halloween! (NBC)

Deconstructing “Days” from October 22-26:

Kristen saved this week from the monotony, Lucas had a few good lines, Nicole ramped up the cheese, and the Halloween countdown begins.

Making “amends.”
Kristen asked to make amends with Marlena but something tells me hell will freeze over before that happens, and do you really believe Kristen’s truly trying to make amends? I bet John will make up with Kristen which will leave Marlena feeling paranoid and angry. That’s how it always works in these situations in soaps. The men are more forgiving (gullible) while the women are smart yet appear to be bitches, thus making a conflict.

Do you think Kristen really did steal Marlena’s phone and drop it at John’s office to make it look as though Marlena is paranoid?

Am I missing the point of Kate’s visit to John’s office in order to warn him that his wife’s reputation is on the line if Sami hires Nick “Felon” to work for her? Is Kate desperate? Sami’s job has nothing whatsoever to do with Marlena. At least it didn’t until we learned Kristen was her new boss. Now, I gather Marlena will stick her nose in and implore Sami to quit.

How funny was it that Kristen told Sami she was promoted far beyond her capabilities and that the staff made allowances for her sloppy work since she was hired? I’m sending a special thanks to the writers on this one. It’s irritated me since day one that she of all people had such a high powered job, even though I love that she’s working at all. I’d like to see Sami keep working but not in a job that we all know is so unattainable in reality for someone without any education or experience.

No apology.
It’s interesting that neither Nicole, Rafe, nor Daniel apologized to EJ for his loss. I realize EJ has done some appalling things to Rafe but what is the excuse of the other two? And Chad’s condolences left a bad taste in my mouth. “That’s pretty random and brutal.” Matt thinks that pretty much sums up the show right now.

Um and nobody really thought EJ was going to let this baby debacle go did they?! We know EJ better than that!

“You make me a better person.” – Nicole Walker DiMera
Hysterical! Daniel makes Nicole a better person? I don’t think so. She only dropped charges because Daniel gave her an ultimatum. That makes her Daniel’s bitch, not a better person.