Credit: EJ's only friends are cute kids? (NBC)

Deconstructing “Days” from October 15-19:

Stefano spent the week convincing a reluctant Kristen to return to Salem, there was a fast progression in Caroline’s gloomy Alzheimer’s storyline, John had sexy nightmares about another woman, and there were a few confrontations. All in all it was quite depressing.

Rafe told Sami to wait for him at his place while he went to the hospital to check on Nicole. Instead of heading home or out to a friend’s or getting a life, Sami stalked him all day. EJ randomly dropped by Rafe’s place for no apparent reason, supposedly drunk, though I couldn’t tell, especially since he was quite sober moments later. Sami let him drive off drunk afterward not even concerned for his or other people’s safety because she was more concerned with what Rafe was doing. She’s like a child who is told to go to bed and doesn’t because she’s afraid of what she’ll miss.

The plight of Jennifer Horton.
Is anyone that likable in Salem right now? So many fans hate do-gooder Jennifer Horton, who is over-the-top with her anger and bitterness like an obsessed stalker over Daniel. I don’t care for her one way or another and haven’t for a long time but I don’t blame her for the baby’s death. Nobody knows why the baby died but she sure didn’t help Nicole’s stress levels by always being in her face.

Kristen’s odd return.
It’s like none of the writers could figure out a way to get Kristen back to Salem so they started grasping at straws and someone in a meeting blurted out, “Let’s send her back to do damage repair for the DiMera clan.” Everyone murmured, “Yeah, whatever, that sounds fine. Is it lunch yet?” The problem is, Kristen doesn’t even know or care about “Brad or the other one.” I really would have loved for her and Stefano to have gotten together a few times to discuss where the hell she’s been all these years and how she escaped the harem and why she’s dressed like a cast member of “Dynasty.” Instead, she dropped into Salem and EJ actually thought she was Susan. He turned her away, even though as she pointed out, he has nobody else except maybe the random children of University Hospital to befriend him.

It was interesting to me that Kristen daydreamed about a passionate scene with John as he had a “nightmare” about their passion. One would have thought John would be dreaming about all the nasty things she did to him instead of their romance. Is this a sign of what’s to come? Another freaking love triangle? Vote on who you want together: John & Marlena or John & Kristen.

I realize Sonny isn’t going to really have a storytelling evening at the café, and that this was brought up in some lame attempt to have John remember his past with Kristen but I loved the idea and think it could put some fun back into the show if he really did have a story night. Course we’d need Jack Devereaux back…