Unplanned pregnancy.

Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis are the proud and supportive parents to Sonny, who is embarking on a relationship with Will Horton. Even though Sonny is the only one of their children to be seen onscreen at the moment, Justin fathered a child long before Sonny came along.

Justin came to Salem in 1987. He started an affair with a fellow denizen, but fell in love with Adrienne Johnson. Their courtship was a rocky one, as they were a classic example of star-crossed lovers. He had money and she was from the wrong side of the tracks. Even though they married, their union continued to be filled with obstacles to happily ever after.

Adrienne took issue with Justin working for his shady uncle Victor, which led to a lot of conflict between them. Adrienne got pregnant, but miscarried, causing more tension between the couple. Justin went back to work for Victor, after the elder Kiriakis was shot. This was not a move supported by his wife.

Stinging from Adrienne’s rejection, Justin turned to his old fling, who got pregnant with Justin’s first son. Alexander was born in 1989. Who did Justin get pregnant?