Credit: Abigail's replacement. (NBC)

Deconstructing “Days” from October 1-5:

This week wasn’t a bowl full of cherries for most Salemites. Chad wanted revenge, Sami, Caroline, and Nicole all got an earful while eavesdropping, Chad was used by EJ, there was a lot of name-calling, and Nicole lost another baby.

Bo’s mid-life crisis.
Bo quit SPD and is considering sailing around the world in order to chase Stefano’s shadow for the rest of his life. He blamed “this damned job” on not being able to be at Ciara’s classroom for her poetry reading. The “Hall of Fame” detective whined about missing one of his daughter’s poetry readings because of work yet has no problem with never seeing her grow up while he sails around the world in order to snoop on DiMera Enterprises? What a joke. Hope will never agree to go with him. Sailing loftily around the world isn’t going to pay the bills and hasn’t Bo always said he would rather never have to deal with Stefano again?

Caroline showed a photo of Ciara that she said was three years old but Ciara looks the same. Was that a blooper or another of Caroline’s memory issues?

It feels like Hope’s gushing over playing the supportive wife is forced and unlike her. Could it be she’s really not 100% on board with Bo’s plans?

“Creampuff” and the “Stupid Bitch.”
Each week these two wind up with new lovely names. Last week they were “Snow White” and the “Cheap Hateful Tramp.” Which of Jenn and Nicole’s nasty names do you prefer?!

Jennifer and Daniel’s knock-down-drag-out fight actually made me take notice of these two. They displayed a lot of anger, but we also hurt, support and love. It sparked an interest for me. I’m not sure I care enough to root for them but it’s better than spacing out when they’re on the screen together.

Errand boy.
Brady’s nobody’s errand boy so why is this leading man being used in this fashion? It doesn’t fit that he – or any other man would get into a woman’s drama the way he did for Jennifer. I was surprised he actually warned Daniel about Nicole.

A piece of meat.
EJ used his own brother this week to get what he wanted and treated Sami like a piece of meat and he wonders why he’s alone. Two minutes ago, Samanther was pining over EJ and now she’s all about Rafe. I’m confused about how we got to this point of Safe again so I can only imagine that EJ’s head must be spinning. Once Samantha finds out the real baby-daddy truth, will she dump Rafe and go back to EJ? I really hope this show isn’t turning into “The Bold and the Beautiful’s” fiasco, “The Hope and Steffy Show.”

At least Stefano’s trying to get in touch with EJ, though I don’t think EJ will let Stefano off the hook so fast.