Credit: Gloria Loring (Nikki Nelson/

“Sometimes what we are running from has a great message for us.”

As Liz Chandler, Gloria Loring gained millions of Daytime fans who soon learned to love her for her many other talents too, whether it was singing the No. 1 hit “Friends and Lovers,” or co-composing TV hit theme songs for “The Facts Of Life” and “Diff’rent Strokes.”

Loring has also been committed to raising money for diabetes research after her son Brennan was diagnosed at age 4. In fact, it was a coincidence that happened on the “DOOL” set that not only propelled her to raise $1 million for the cause, but also put the seed in her head about her latest book, “Coincidence Is God’s Way Of Remaining Anonymous,” which hit the store shelves this week. Loring believes that while coincidence seems to come out of the blue, we all play a role in getting it into our lives. For her, coincidence came into play during her divorce from actor Alan Thicke (“Growing Pains”) and helped her heal from the trauma of long-forgotten childhood sexual abuse. It also brought upon her chance encounter with her new husband.

Loring spoke with about how letting go of hurt and pain can help us live a life in which we are more in control. Read more about how the book evolved from a thought to a philosophy. What was the process of how this book began until it hit the shelves this week?

Loring: What happened was, I had this story. My story. And I wrote those down and they got honed over the years, but then I wasn’t sure how to explain the subject of coincidence. So I did a lot of research and bought probably 15 books on coincidence. I started taking notes and I started doing some writing. And I put it one way, and then I did it another way and thought, no this is not right. And so I put it aside for a year or two but would pick it up again – there was something there. And by that time I had more experience and more understanding and I think it just took time for the subject and my own conviction to gather itself together so that now when I speak of this it is a subject as deep and as wide as I need it to be to speak of it with great commitment and understanding. It is not like, isn’t that a cool thing. I really know how this works. I don’t know all the whys, there is no way for us to know all the whys, but how it works, where it comes from and how we can use this for our own good.