Baby switch.

In 2008, Nicole became pregnant with EJ’s baby, but miscarried. She kept the loss a secret and pretended she was still pregnant by wearing a pregnancy pad, as many a desperate soap character has done before her.

Nicole blackmailed her doctor, Dr. Baker, into keeping her secret and formed a plan. She paid Mia to give up her baby when she was born. Mia gave birth the same night Sami, who was also pregnant with EJ’s child, had her own baby. What are the chances?

Nicole switched Sami and Mia’s babies, but Grace, baby Sami took home, later died of bacterial meningitis. Nicole started to raise Sami’s baby, Sydney, as her own. When the father of Mia’s baby came out of the woodwork in 2009, Nicole started to get nervous, fearing her machinations would come to light and she’d lose Sydney. As hard as she tried to prevent it though, Sami and EJ found out what Nicole did and after more shenanigans, got their daughter back.

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