The Salem Stalker revealed.

In late 2003, a series of murders began rocking Salem. All the viewers saw for months were black gloves offing the likes of Maggie, Jack, Doug, Abe and Roman. The Salem Stalker even facilitated the beloved Alice Horton’s death by donut.

On January 28, 2004 Marlena Evans was revealed to viewers as the serial killer, when she claimed Tony as her latest victim. John became suspicious of his lady love after she killed Alice and she was eventually outted as the killer to the rest of Salem.

Marlena was presumably killed herself in the aftermath of the reveal, but all was not what it seemed. The “dead” people were all alive and well on the island of Melaswen, which was New Salem spelled backwards and looked exactly like the original Salem. It was all masterminded by Tony DiMera, seeking revenge for the wrongs he perceived were done to him. Of course, Tony turned out to really be Andre, Tony’s look-a-like cousin, who brainwashed Marlena into thinking she committed the “murders.”

Bo, Hope and John discovered the island and set about rescuing their loved ones. Marlena was of course cleared and forgiven, but for awhile, fans and characters were shocked by her malicious actions.

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