Terrell as Theo with his 'parents'. (Soaps.com)

He’s only been on-screen for a few months, but Terrell Ransom Jr. has wasted no time capturing the hearts of Days of Our Lives viewers. As Abe and Lexie’s son Theo, this five-year-old has taken on the role of an Autistic child and is a major reason the storyline has become so compelling.

After getting so many positive comments regarding Terrell, Soaps.com contacted his mother, Katrina Ransom (who let us know she is a regular Soaps.com visitor), and found out a little more about this talented young actor.

Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Terrell decided he wanted to be on TV, in movies and in magazines after watching “Hannah Montana” one day. “It’s funny, but it’s the truth. He hadn’t had his fourth birthday, yet he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life,” Katrina recalled.

Having grown up in a family of artists and performers, Terrell displayed his knack for the arts early on. Already interested in singing and playing the drums and piano, Terrell began taking an acting class after his “Hannah Montana” revelation. Even though the teachers were reluctant to take him on because of his young age, Terrell excelled and Katrina decided to move to California to help her son pursue a career in entertainment.

Even though they knew no one in LA, and ‘started from scratch like everyone else’, Terrell signed with an agent shortly after arriving in Hollywood and landed the role of Theo just a couple months later.

Although they didn’t know Terrell would be playing a character with Autism until the day he was officially cast, Katrina and Terrell have taken on the responsibility of this role to heart. “With the help of the head writer Dena Higley sharing her personal story and the support of NBC and Autism Speaks, Days of Our Lives and the Carver family are helping to raise awareness about an epidemic that affects the lives of so many of Terrell’s peers (1 out of 150) and their families. Terrell is blessed to have been chosen for this role at this time for such a worthy cause and we are truly thankful,” Katrina stated.

Playing such a role would be a challenge for the most seasoned of actors, let alone a five-year-old. So how does Terrell do it? Katrina explained that aside from the director and the Autism consultant on set to correctly determine the character’s interaction with others, “His mannerisms that you see on-screen just comes naturally. He doesn’t have a personal acting coach that goes over the scripts with him. He and I work on it together. It also helps that he can read. So he understands the dialogue better.” His mother also indicated that Terrell is adept enough to work off and learn from his fellow castmates.