Replace them with Jack. (NBC)

Deconstructing “Days” from September 10-14:

With too much of the week centered on the ancient country bumpkin, repetitive dialogue and a dreadful proposal, there was little to enjoy.

Why do we see so much of Abe and Kayla (Stayla) who have no chemistry to speak of when we could be seeing Abe get to know Maxine, who can balance Abe’s dullness? He’s jobless, so the show could find him a job at the hospital where we could test his chemistry with Maxine. As for Kayla and the country bumpkin, neither does much for me so I wouldn’t mind if they were gone and replaced with Jack.

If you can’t get a man to love you, force it!
Nicole’s lack of vulnerability lately is making it difficult to root for her or her and Daniel. He’s been pulling away from her, which has only made her a woman obsessed. And what’s with her naming her kid Hernandez? That’s unnecessary.

Salem’s last virgin…
Why has Abby been so uptight about sex and being a virgin? Could it be because she’s the only one left in Salem? The pressure! Or could Jack and Jenn not have had the birds and bees talk with her and now she’s frightened of what’s to come? Could she have been attacked in the past and having a difficult time with those memories? Is she having Austin flashbacks? Is Jack’s death affecting her? Or… maybe she’s just a late-bloomer who worries she won’t measure up for Cameron. Vote on why Abby is uptight.

Knee-jerk reaction.
Are we to understand that Chad’s reaction to Nick staying in Salem was to protect Melanie by proposing marriage? I’m not sure how marriage is supposed to protect a young lass in the 21st century. What century is he living in? Wherever it is, his stinky proposal came from a desperate place and Melanie should have said, “No.” I’m sure she wants to say “No,” and I’ll wage money that the wedding doesn’t happen. Maybe that’s what pushes Chad over the edge into becoming a ‘real’ DiMera. He’s well on his way already. It was actually good to her Gabi stand up for herself and remind him of what he’ll lose if Melanie learns the truth.

Not that I think Gabi’s a friend to Melanie. First she allows Andrew to kidnap Mel and now she’s buddy buddy with Nick? And how is it possible that Gabi didn’t know who Nick was when his face is in all the papers?!

You know this storyline is coming to a close (and thank goodness) because Melanie has twice in one episode talked about wanting an “honest relationship.” She’s never mentioned this in the past!