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Deconstructing “Days” from September 3-7:

This week, I’m happy to have readers weighing in on the show with me. To start with, Days Dreamer says, “Right after the Olympics I thought it was getting better, but then they dropped the ball shifted gears went into a different direction/storyline. This seems to be a pattern. They start to get a little momentum, and then they lose it.” Point on. St8tButEqual has another point of view and adds, “The interactions with the characters are far better than it was and it’s not as compartmentalized.” I couldn’t agree more. Much like last week, I saw things the same, and much like last week, saw the dialogue save an otherwise dull four days in Salem.

It’s about time!
Lucas and EJ’s discussion was long overdue. These two have never said more than a few words to each other, yet they’ve Samanther in common so it’s only right that they get some things off their chest. Lucas poking fun at himself and EJ for being idiots was surprising and funny. He even brought up the forced sex. It’s become somewhat of a taboo subject around forums because of all of the bickering that usually ensues when it’s brought up but it’s important to remember it at such a key time in this story.

Sami and EJ had an interesting discussion that didn’t revolve around the usual delusions about their parenting abilities which was a breath of fresh air. Sami opened up about her suspicions about Nicole’s baby being EJ’s kid just as EJ decided that Rafe must be the baby daddy. Very convoluted. I like it. If anyone can get to the bottom of this it’s Sami, which is why I was surprised she dropped it. You know Sami. She’s like a dog with a bone!

Friday Sami accused Rafe of becoming more like her. That wasn’t lost on me. I’ve been calling Rafe a Brady for some time.

Ship sailed?
Many fans are saying Nick’s ship sailed four years ago and they’re not invested in this storyline. Flightygirl says, “The Nick thing was drawn out too long.” I agree which begs the question, has Nick’s ship sailed? Did John and Marlena’s too after being gone four years? Their return fell flat and frankly, Marlena’s much more enjoyable without John around. What about other ships sailing? The recast of Eric is returning to Salem as a priest of all things, which doesn’t interest me whatsoever, even though my vague recollections of him are good ones. We have Kristen returning after she left in 1998 and I’m hoping she can give the story the shot in the arm that it desperately needs. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Doc Baker return, which would fit into Nicole’s storyline but know I’m a minority on that one! What do you think? How late is ‘too late’ to bring back characters? Vote.

My biggest beef about this storyline? The guy was in jail for stalking, kidnapping and murder and got out after a mere four years. Four.