Julie's insensitive remarks. (Soaps.com)

Deconstructing “Days” from August 27 – 31:

This week, Nick ‘Felon’ returned and some of the focus was on reminding fans of who he is and why he’s in prison, and deciding whether or not he should get out. The pace was fast, Nick seemed very contrite. We’ve seen a surprising amount of characters on canvas and in equally surprising interactions with other characters they usually never see. There’s more going on in the hour than we’re used to and the writers still seem to be poking fun at their own writing, which in itself is pretty funny.

Dating the ex:
Nicole and Chloe were BFFs for a long time. It’s tough to know if Nicole contacted Chloe to ask permission to date her ex-husband, knowing that Nicole’s more interested in men than cultivating and keeping friendships with women. Nicole has been having new fantasies which is never good and seems to further her own delusions. It’s obvious to me by the way Shawn Christian is playing things that Daniel’s not remotely close to asking her to move in with him and as far as I’m concerned, according to the way he’s been acting, they’re basically through, though she hasn’t gotten the memo yet. Already, we’re seeing Daniel and Jennifer share a bond over lost spouses. I want more for Nic Nic than another triangle.

Nick’s up for parole.
Suddenly Melanie’s talking about having nightmares about Nick as she did in the past – first we’ve heard. Maybe if Melanie really did have nightmares in the past about him I could feel more about this story but I forget all of the bad stuff Nick did. To me, Nick’s still a good person who only went rogue because of prescription drugs. Just like Hope!

Julie’s playing ‘bad cop’ to Maggie and Hope’s ‘good cop’ which has been upsetting to many fans. Julie has always been outspoken but now we’re seeing a rather insensitive side to her, while Maggie and Hope show their sympathetic side to both Nick and Melanie. Feels a bit forced.

I’ve always liked Nick but I can’t help but wonder where he’ll fit in once out of prison. Is he here just to tie in with Melanie’s exit?

I barely recognize Chad these days what with the threats to Gabi, the badgering, whining and accusing Melanie of shutting him out because she didn’t tell him about Nick. I gather they’re gearing up to break Chelanie up before she takes off. Just guessing. They’ve not known each other all that long so it’s no surprise she never mentioned Nick. It’s not something that comes up in everyday conversation. Since we’re not seeing enough of what’s really going on with them, it makes it difficult to care either way about them or this storyline.

Sami always wants what she can’t have? This is what Lucas believes but I’ve never seen her that way. She can have EJ or Rafe if she wanted them. Lucas too. She has proven that time and time again. Does Lucas even know her?