Look behind Melanie. Somebody's dressed up! (Soaps.com)

These are the DAYS of my week from October 27-31:

Happy Hallowe’en!

Halloween touched Salem this year, though briefly. I’m a little sad that there were no parties and that nobody really dressed up. We saw some guy dressed up at the pub and there were trick-or-treaters at the safe house. *snicker* Safe houses should always open their doors to people in costume. Yup. I think Salem, which is home of the Salem Witch Trials, deserves a more fitting Hallowe’en. Don’t you agree? JER (James E. Reilly, RIP) used to have fun with Hallowe’en on the show. You could always count on him for a little creativity! Forget? Click here! and check out a clip from Hallowe’en past. For more, simply go to Youtube and do a search for Days of our Lives Halloween. You’ll be there for hours! I was going to grab a few links for you, and a few clips and post here, but instead, I’d like you all to take a peek at this video clip from “racegirlbriar”. While I don’t know who she is, I know she frequents Soaps.com, so I figured she needed props! (Check out the bottom left hand corner for loads of my very own screen shots, taken while watching and writing Days, just for you!

Now for the vote…where do you spooky ghosts and goblins want to go trick-or-treating in Salem?

I’m puzzled as to why we’re going another week without Steve and Kayla, yet a well known trade magazine has had them as the favorite couple of Days for about 5 months. If they’re so popular with the fans, why isn’t the show putting them on canvas? I almost forgot they existed until somebody emailed my staff, asking where they were! Steve was supposed to start investigating Trent’s murder, but I haven’t seen him since the night in question. Is he still investigating? How come we don’t get to see it? I’d love to have seen that but it appears as though Bope are on their own. On a good note, it was nice to hear Anna and Tony mentioned by Kate, who offered Lucas a better job running Hearth and Home. Now we’ll see him interacting with other Salemites, especially Anna and Tony (Tanna….Anny?) Have you also noticed that we never get to see Chelsea anymore unless she’s crying and running in and out of scenes? I think it’s a waste of a truly talented actress. All we ever see is Sami. These are the Days of our Sami. Sick to death of her. I’d love to see more of a mix of all characters. It’s upsetting to say, “Marlena and John who?” all of the time, when we have noobs like Daniel, that nobody gives a rats arse about taking up good screen time. No offense to the actor. I just miss the vets!

Salem’s not so finest:

Trent’s will was read this week and Hope and Bo set a trap for Melanie. Here’s what happened. They had Trent’s lawyer, Mr. Berman, give Melanie a letter that was actually intended for Hope and Bo. Melanie was to give the letter to Bope after she read it. She didn’t, of course, because I’m sure she was curious as can be and worried a little about what was in it. Melanie fell for their trap and didn’t give them the letter. They thought this proved she was a liar and therefore capable of murder. If it weren’t so ridiculous, I’d laugh. What freaking police station would do that? It proves nothing in a court of law, so why do it? What the hell is wrong with Bo and Hope? I also didn’t like the way they treated Nicole. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Hope’s not usually that cold hearted. When she’s not up in your business, she’s supposed to be supportive, strong and caring. This was a new Hope that I didn’t like. Melanie was right to yell at the two for playing games. That was ridiculous, but the letter wasn’t. It held evidence that Nicole could be the killer. Not really. In Salem perhaps.I don’t think Nicole killed him. She hid that she saw him at the cemetery and likely she’s hiding more, but I’m positive she didn’t do it. I believe either Melanie did it and forgets it or Nick did it after coming across the two struggling with the knife. I believe it was Nick, and now they’re moving in together, which should be interesting!

Sami sings the safe house blues:

Twelve year old Sami went off to the safe house, under the witness protection program, but they still call her Sami Brady. Don’t they change your name, your background and your physical appearance? Don’t they close their doors to trick-or-treaters, who come to your door in costume? I thought they did but I guess not in Salem. Sami was arguing with Darryl, laughing at his lifestyle choice of being a vegan. Oh…My…God…what is wrong with her? Can we write her any younger? He doesn’t eat meat or meat products. How is that funny? He gets my respect for not falling for Sami the way everyone else seems to. He gets my respect for requesting reassignment and hightailing it out of the so called safe house away from Sami detail. She was rude, immature and embarrassingly showed her ignorance about other lifestyles. I turned beet red for her. Poor harmless gravelly voiced FBI agent Hilda arrived and Sami drugged her. Drugged an FBI agent. Drugged. Did I say that yet? Shouldn’t she be in freaking jail? Not funny, remotely. I thought the rest of their scenes together were cute and the actress Diane Delano was fantastic! I’m tired of Sami the spoiled child, getting away with everything. I just want her to reap what she sows. Things picked up by the end of the week when Luis/Rafe arrived. I like him already, but thought it was a bit contrived, of course. The fact that he sees right through Sami, upon first meeting was a bit much. The show has been presenting to us that he’s her match, which sounds like fun times to me, but I fear they’re actually going to put the two together romantically. Like Sami needs another new love interest – pregnant no less!