Sonny turned 'this' down? Tsk. (

These are the “Days” of my week from August 20 – 24:

It’s the week after the “Daysaster.” Jenn’s acting very reserved, there was no funeral or memorial service for Jack, and even if there was, Will missed out in order to have awkward grief sex with Gabi. Tad bullied Sonny and Will, Prince Harry bared his bum, and Sami gets yet another suitor…

Big news this week other than Stefano’s return is Lisa Rinna’s leaving the show and Nadia Bjorlin’s return as Chloe. The big question: Will they finally bring back PhillyK?

Gabi was caught.
Chad found out about Gabi’s transgressions pretty fast. He found her to be “the most selfish, deluded and dangerous person” he has met, and clarified that he should know considering he’s a DiMera.” Either he is claiming his birthright for Gabi’s sake just to put a scare into her or we’re seeing a glimmer of a possible dark side. Incidentally, he hasn’t even been around the DiMera’s and their minions to know what it means to be a DiMera. And if she’s the most selfish and deluded person he has met, he needs to get out in Salem more! Does anyone believe that Gabi has finally stopped deluding herself? Vote!

Sami and her merry men:
Lucas gave up on Sami without a fight. Understandable but nevertheless it’s a letdown that he hasn’t put up a fight for her. I’m not sure how to get behind a fight anyway considering she’s been cheating on him with EJ and doesn’t even seem broken up about it. Safe got some closure at the safe house which wasn’t really closure at all and points toward the two having unfinished business with one another. Meanwhile, EJ is eager to get into her pants and who knows what else but is Samanther ready for him or anyone right now? Did that flub mean she’s still got a torch for Rafe?

Hasn’t Sami ever heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy? “Everything I touch I ruin,” she said and she’s not going to change. I felt for her for about five seconds until her attitude annoyed me. It’s no wonder “delicious” – as per Marlena – (Does he taste like maple syrup or something?!) Will can be such a whiner at times. He comes by it naturally from both Lucas and Sami. He cried to Gabi, “Everything I do is half-assed.” Oy! We’re again seeing many parallels in the mother and son relationship. Even with the grief sex between Will and Gabi. I doubt they used a condom which begs the question, “Will history repeat itself?” Will Gabi get pregnant, drug Chad, fake sex with him and pawn Will’s kid off as his? I shudder at the thought of reliving that Sami/Austin/Carrie story again.