Trent was back and was glorious! (

These are the DAYS of my week from October 20-25:

Truth vs fiction:

I’ve been seeing a few threads in the Days message board popping up comparing Sami and Nicole, instead of Lumi vs Ejami. While it’s nice to see the war over between the two camps, I fear we’re in for another one. I’m seeing a lot of people asking why others don’t feel a certain way or understand their point of view. I figured that I’d interject a few facts that I’ve seen over the past few weeks. Also remind people that everyone has their own perception when it comes to… anything and everything!

Two peas: Nicole and Sami are a lot alike. As John Black used to say, “That is a fact.” Both are caring, nasty, sweet, manipulative, loving, whiny, kind and rude.

If the words are never spoken, we can’t call it love: Sami has never once told EJ that she loved him. I’m not saying she does or doesn’t love him. At this point, we assume she either cares for him or loves him. EJ seems to have given up hope on getting together with her. We recall his rant to Stefano, telling him that he isn’t in love with her, was infatuated with her. The Ejami fans may argue that he was just saving face, but others will argue that if he said he doesn’t love her, he doesn’t. Still, he’s drawn to her. I mean, she is the mother of his kid and why wouldn’t he still care for her? You can’t turn feelings off, but you can save yourself from heartache, which is what I think he is doing. So back to Sami. Why doesn’t she tell him her feelings, whatever they are? Either she simply cares a lot about him, or loves him and is afraid he’ll hurt her, or she cares for him or loves him, but is afraid he no longer loves her. Perhaps she thinks the competition with Nicole is just too steep. It’s called self-preservation, folks. Kate’s usually the one who displays this. For anyone, if the timing isn’t right, the situation is not right, the man isn’t absolutely perfect for you, but there is still love, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should be together or that you will want to be together. Perhaps she knows this. Perhaps love is not enough. Doesn’t seem to me as though it is. I haven’t seen any reason why these two should be together for a while. We have no way of knowing if they’re over, and we still think there is a chance. At the moment, Nicole and EJ are a couple. They’ll get plenty of time together when Sami’s holed up in the safe house and Ali gone on maternity leave. Sami going into the witness protection program had me crying. Her acting was spot on and I felt horrible when Roman told her she couldn’t bring any photo albums with her or anything that would tie her to Salem.
This week, EJ told Nicole that his future was with her. She’s willing to forge a relationship when Sami isn’t, so good for him for moving on. Past aside, doesn’t he deserve to be happy as well? Course, he is already starting off on the wrong foot with the lie about going to the office when he really went to the cabin. Tsk tsk! Will Nicole carry to term? There was a cozy scene between EJ and Daniel, where Daniel brought up the word ‘miscarriage’ to EJ, and let him know why a woman would miscarry. Made me wonder if she will.

Lumi – I am remembering how these two used to scheme together during the Austin/Carrie times, more and more. It’s fun to see this again! I’m not sure if I’d want to see them together or not, but I have to put it out there. Old feelings could resurface. And Chloe wouldn’t like that – this week. Suddenly, Chloe got interesting and seems to really care about Lucas. The writers really need to stop re-writing everyone every few weeks. I’m as confused as ever. Do we really know our characters anymore? I like that Chloe has this knowledge of Sami’s pregnancy, over Sami and can tell Nicole. Will she?

Daniel and Philip’s poolside exchange:

These two have good chemistry. Know what I mean? They have good banter. I noticed that with EJ and Philip in the Film Noir episodes as well. I think we’re in for more of a storyline there, otherwise, I’m not sure why the writers would put that in… Unless they just wanted us to fawn over Daniel’s body. That’s understandable. Shouldn’t Philly have had swim trunks on, too? Never heard of a male catfight. Dogfight? Ok I won’t go there. *wink*

More on Daniel… and Kate and Granddaughter!

Daniel tried to get friendly with Chelsea by asking her for coffee, but she gave him a chilly reception and lied that she was meeting somebody else. Nick. She asked him for a friendly date and he accepted, but soon ditched her for Melanie. What’s that saying? We always want what we cannot have? Is she going to keep after him? We’ll see. This week, you’re going to find out that ***SPOILER ALERT*** Kate and Daniel will face the aftermath of their wanton ways, when granddaughter Chelsea finds out the two are still doing the nasty. Then, everything is all turned about, when Kate’s bad news shakes Chelsea. You’ll have to tune in to see the rest… or read my spoilers!