Salem’s medical staff is expanding, as John Callahan, best known as Edmund Grey from All My Children, is coming to Days of Our Lives as a doctor who will interact with Nicole.

Callahan portrayed the beloved Edmund on AMC from 1992 – 2005. Edmund and Maria (played by John’s ex-wife, Eva La Rue), were a hugely popular couple until Maria’s untimely demise due to a plane crash. But as we all know, in soaps no one ever dies and Maria returned, but the couple would never be the same. Maria had amnesia and didn’t remember her love for Edmund for some time. Of course she eventually regained her memory and the couple reunited, but Edmund later became paralyzed and turned into a bitter, vengeful person. He eventually met a tragic death at the hand of the then crazy Jonathan. Edmund’s uncharacteristic turn to the dark side and subsequent dismissal from the show didn’t sit well with loyal viewers who were outraged at the treatment of this long time vet and his character.

Aside from AMC, Callahan spent the 80’s soap hopping, as he previously appeared on Days as Artie for one episode in 1989, as well as fellow sudsers, “Falcon Crest”, “Santa Barbara” and General Hospital. More recently, this fan favorite appeared in the series “Desperate Housewives” and “Watch Over Me”.

It remains to be seen what John’s character will have to do with Nicole or if he’s a good or bad guy, but these answers will start to unfold when he makes his first appearance on November 24. is thrilled to see John back on Daytime and looks forward to his turn as Salem’s newest doctor.