Getting the background.

“DOOL” viewers no doubt know that Blake Berris Is Returning As Nick Fallon. It has been widely speculated that his return will somehow coincide with the disaster that’s sweeping Salem as summer closes. This seems like a good time for a quick refresher on one of Salem’s more off-beat characters.

Son of Jessica Blake and Joshua Fallon and a member of the Horton clan, Nick was brought to town to help Kayla while she was suffering from a mysterious illness. His skills helped save her life, but he was a lot less brilliant in the romance department. Painfully shy, she created an alternative online identity and slowly seduced Chelsea Benson. However, that didn’t stop him from having a one night stand with her drunken mother, Billie. While he tried keeping all of these things a secret, he was blackmailed by Willow, who eventually wound up dead when she tripped over a rock. Even after learning of his misdeeds, when Chelsea found the traumatized Nick, they jumped into bed. After that, she knew her feelings for him weren’t quite jelling.

Alone again, Nick stuck around town. He was blackmailed by Kate into doing her dirty work and continued chasing after Chelsea. She treated him coldly so he drunkenly married a woman while on a gambling run. The ‘bride’ went to jail shortly, thereafter, and he was stuck looking after her kids, who it turned out were the children of obscure foreign nobility.

Once the children went home to their father, Chelsea was impressed by Nick’s caring side. He continued to pine after her but their relationship came and went. Eventually, he noticed his friend Max had suddenly become a mathematical genius. He helped him get some of his work noticed and this led to Trent, Max’s long lost father, coming into their lives. It also meant that Max’s madcap sister, Melanie, made her first appearance.