The hitman knows Sami's name! (

These are the Days of my week from October 13-17:

The show went from dull to great on Thursday, and left us with a nice cliffhanger on Friday… I’ve since watched Monday’s episode, so I may elude to it here! First… let’s discuss clothes!

I’m still waiting for answers to all those wardrobe questions that some of you had sent in. The new wardrobe team is really busy, I’m told, and they’re working on getting those answers. It’s really sweet of them to even help us, so I’m very thankful that they’re taking the time to do so. Thank you for your patience! That said, I have definitely noticed the change to wardrobe in the past weeks. I haven’t seen an overabundance of amazing outfits, (that I’d like to wear) and wonder how long it takes to get a feel for the character, before they start really getting into the correct wardrobe. Wardrobe is as important as anything, is it not? It can add to a scene or take away from it. I didn’t care for Sami’s outfit worn Monday, for example. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The white t-shirt under a hideous blue silk dress was the butt ugliest thing I’ve seen on her for a long time. Then, Friday’s episode had her wearing that cuter than cute blue sweater with white dress, over blue leggings. Adorable! She went from slump to chic in days, in my eyes. Drab and unbecoming, was Lexi’s outfit Wednesday, or was it Tuesday? At any rate, beautiful Lexi needs colour. Blues, greens, yellow, red, violet… Renee is a gorgeous woman. I’d love to see her in more youthful looking attire. Yes, even though Honest Abe is running for Mayor. Honest Abe… honestly. Could they not think of a better slogan? It reminds me of Honest Ed’s in Toronto. Check it out here. Honest Ed’s is like a Toronto Landmark. Great deals on household products, but I digress. EJ had on some crazy 1980’s bluish pinstripe suit and pink shirt Thursday. Gross. This is a handsome guy. Ditch the ancient Brit look and get this guy into some delish euro threads! I’m sure he has some lovely Italian shoes in the back of his closet to go with. Chloe, on the other hand, looked so pretty in that blue ensemble on Friday’s show. It’s nice to not always see her assets on display. It takes the eye upward and allows you to hear what she’s saying. Was there anyone else who was dressed for success or downplayed recently that you can recall?

Down to business…

What a nasty babysitter that poor Lexi and Abe had to deal with. Monday, thankfully, Lacey was fired. Holy, did you hear her go off on Lexi? Psycho! She should be apologetic and understanding, but instead was nasty, immature and rude. She actually had the gall to involve little Theo and blame him for running off. My jaw dropped when I listened to her rant. She has nobody to blame but herself. Little wench was gossiping to friends instead of doing her J O B! Then, she couldn’t leave things alone. Instead of being proactive and looking for another job, she wanted revenge. She went to Mariano and told not only him but the rest of Salem that Abe and Lexi are horrible parents who never spend time with their little guy. “Lies, lies, lies,” screamed Lexi, in return. I’m not a violent person at all, but I truly found myself wishing somebody would give Lacey a nice shove across the room, right out the door! Bad feelings aside, she stepped up my feelings for Theo and the Autism storyline. That’s what they [the writers] needed, was to give people a reason to give a rats arse about the storyline. Let us love Theo, and care again about the Carver family, so that we can care about the story.