As Max Brady on Days of Our Lives, Darin Brooks has his hands full dealing with the fallout of his biological father’s murder. In real life, the actor has his hands full with Tag the World.

An organization dedicated to supporting five different causes, Tag the World promotes the sale of dog-tag style necklaces, with the proceeds going to charities involving animals, cancer, children, global green efforts and Africa. The website, which will launch after this Thursday October 16, will list several charities associated with each cause, allowing those who purchase the jewelry to choose which charity they want to support.

Darin is a member of Tag the World’s honorary board of advisors and held a pre-celebration Emmy party, which the non-profit organization sponsored. Founded by Robert Parks Valletta, the sterling-silver tags are designed by Michael Barin.

Tag the World necklaces are available at Michael Barin Inc. in Studio City, California or after Thursday at the Tag the World website.